Simply put, we farm the

Finest Greens, Lettuces and Herbs for

Delivery To Your Door Within A Day of Harvest.

You're gonna love this service!

Our greenhouse farm is not weather-dependent allowing us to deliver freshly-cut greens year round.  Delivery within a day of harvest yields plants with two-three times more shelf-life than store bought greens.  Yet we are comparably priced.

There is no other source of greens and lettuces that are: 

*Delivered to your door the day after harvest.

*Sustainable, Beyond Organic, Pesticide and GMO free.

*Locally grown in Suffolk, VA reducing your environmental footprint

and supporting the local economy.

*The most incredible flavor!

Your subscription to The Neighborhood Harvest is an invitation to your dinner table, a privilege we take very seriously.  Get to know us here, give us a call for more details (or visit the About Us page), and please give us a try!



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